Toscana One, as a real property finder, selects various solutions that the single agent, chosen by our team, acquires in his own territory, thanks to his knowledge and local history. Simplicity and pleasantness are some of the most important aspects for those who are in search of a dream home. This is why we work alongside a local agent, who chooses the best real estate solutions based on the client's search criteria. This way of working allows us to guarantee selected and certified properties.


Step by step we take care of buyer’s needs, not only for visiting the properties, but also to draft an easy and quick procedure to purchase the house, thanks to the knowledge acquired over 20 years of hard working.


We established a network of business contacts with other real estate agencies, international legal offices and technicians which allow us to look after the buyer’s need for every aspect and in every phase, guaranteeing a secure and documented purchased.


Customer satisfaction is our focus and our strength This is why we provide a full assistance program for after sale, especially in case of foreign buyers, which are not able to personally follow the renovation of their new home. Upon request, we can activate a coaching service that allows us to find, in a short amount of time, qualified technicians, interior designers, construction companies, plant engineering or technological systems, developing together a complete project of real estate renovation.


Furthermore, if the buyer chooses not to personally live in the new house, we can redirect it to a selected and certified clientele in the international tourist rental market. Our "rent" division within our agency is able to rent the house for short periods, also creating a real property management service dedicated to the owner.

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