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We care about your property and we are very clear from the first moment on what we will do over time in order to lead you to the sale of your house. The assignment, which can be exclusive or free, contains all the conditions of the sale: price, terms and conditions for the payment of the deposit and the balance, description of the property, services used for marketing, conditions and brokerage fee. The term of the assignment is determined together and we advise you how long it takes to lead you to the sale depending on the type your property.

Extra services

Our after-sales services increase the number of future buyers who, speaking another language and living abroad, can count on invaluable assistante on-site delegating us to solve problems and meeting needs.

Property management

The property management service allows buyers to get a profit on their property. This service is an extra possibility to sell your home even to an investor customer.

Costs to be borne by the seller
  • Drafting of the EPC energy performance certificate (cost depends on the surveyor you choose)
  • Technical report (cost depends on the surveyor you choose)
Brokerage fee of the agency

90% of our business is with foreign customers: it is necessary to have continuous contacts and relationships with lawyers and attorneys who assist the customer which is extremely expensive. The marketing we provide to the owner-seller is of maximum level taking care of the details of both the photos, the floor plans and the presentation of the area where the property is placed. In addition, the search commits our technicians to provide the potential buyer with a correct and complete legal pack. This allows the owner-seller to fasten the timing of the sale of their property by expanding the showcase from the local to international market with a significant flow of foreign customers that among other things have no problem of financing for the purchase. All this imposes on our agency different commissions for the owner-seller, both as calculation and as an amount but we believe correct for the type of service that we offer and, above all, for the success that we get from our promotional campaigns that end with the sale of the property entrusted to us, in faster times than average:

  • property value up to € 50,000 (Euro 4,500 including VAT)
  • property value from € 51,000 to € 70.000 (Euro 5,500 including VAT)
  • property value from € 71,000 to € 100,000 (Euro 7,000 including VAT)
  • property value from € 101,000 to € 300,000 (6% + VAT)
  • property value from € 301,000 to € 500,000 (5% + VAT)
  • real estate value from € 501,000 to € 1,000,000 (4.5% + VAT)
  • property value over € 1,000,000 (4% + VAT)
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