Sesto Fabbri and his passion: a family tradition that become a successful company.

After more than 20 years in the world of real estate brokerage with Immo One, we created a new brand specifically dedicated to farmhouses, villas and country house in the breathtaking scenery of the Tuscany countryside. We match the classic brokerage activity with rent and property management and quickly promoting national and international sales. At that time, all the potential customers came from near cities, desiring a country house where they could relax, stay outside the chaos and live a full immersion in the green countryside. After the WWII nobody wanted to live in the countryside more and there were so many opportunities for those who were able to tracked them down: that taste of beauty that distinguishes Tuscany people, together with a strong desire to bring the houses to its former glory and the work is done! A hundred of abandoned villas were waiting for someone who could renovate them for selling to someone who could appreciate their beauty.

More than 20 years later, when German and Swiss people discovered Tuscany natural beauty, the value of that houses increased tenfold, transforming them in luxury properties.

My father passed me down a strong passion for my work, but most of all, he taught me how to love people, helping them to sell or buy their home and giving them a trusted service. A customer is someone who places a property in our hands and all the expectations must be observed. This is the most important value for a real estate agent: being trusted by our own customers.

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